jeudi 15 septembre 2016

The Flames of the Immolated paperback version now available

You can now order the paperback version of my latest release, the last Fantasy book of the Ardalia trilogy, The Flames of the Immolated, on Amazon. There will also be a giveaway of the book on Amazon, exclusively for US residents, in October, and another giveaway on Goodreads for people living in the UK, Australia Canada and the US - in October too. 

Reminder: the first book giveaway, The Breath of Aoles, is still alive on Goodreads. It will end on October 6. 

For the moment, the release of The Flames of the Immolated seems to have benefited mainly to the visibility of the first book: the free ebook version of The Breath of Aoles jumped from beyond rank #10000 to between #5000 and #7000 in the Amazon kindle charts. That's a good start!

Paperback:  Amazon US    Amazon UK

I was also happy with The Flames of the Immolated first review on Amazon by girls rule

I was lucky in that I got a chance to review the first two books of this series before they were released. Then Alan Spade contacted me offering me a chance to read and review the third book of the series. The author was kind enough to send me a copy of the third book for free.

Don't worry there will be no spoilers here.....

I really enjoyed the third book which picks up right where the second book left off and the story continues from there. If you enjoyed the first two books I would highly recommend reading this book as well. If you have not read the first two books than what are you waiting for? This is definitely not a series where you can pick up any book and figure out what is going on, if you do not read it from the beginning you will quickly find yourself very confused.

I cannot wait to read more from Alan Spade

I hope the book will garner more reviews, allowing me to promote it on more sites and gain added visibility. 

I wish I were able to clone myself and do signing sessions in England, the US and Australia, because the three paperback books are beautiful and I would enjoy very much meeting readers abroad. As I live in France, though, it wouldn't be affordable. 

If you want to discover the first two ebooks for free, sign up for my Readers' Group!

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