vendredi 24 juin 2016

Brexit: my reaction

The people has spoken, and the United Kingdom won't stay in the European Union. While that may be the beginning of the end for the Union, the event may also be taken as an opportunity to build a new Europe. 

As an author self-publishing Fantasy and Science-Fiction, maybe my voice doesn't count. But I have also a formation in journalism, and as a citizen of the EU, I feel very much concerned by the event. 

My feelings and thoughts about the Brexit are mixed:
  •  The United Kingdom, and England, will remain great
I will not forget England's resistance during the Second World War. Even if I was not born at the time, I still feel grateful toward the fantastic English people.  
  • It's great when the will of the people translates into facts but... 
  • ...not so great when it's for the wrong reasons 
Direct democracy is a wonderful thing. But the thought of needing a visa in order to go in England (I live in France) makes me sad. The reverse is also true, for the English who would want to go to an European country.

If the English people has taken the decision because of the immigration, it's sadder still. The will to close their borders doesn't bring excellent things to peoples usually. 

  • When you play soccer, you are better off playing with 10 players than with 11, if one of them doesn't play the game
As far as international trade and European construction are concerned, I've often had the impression that England was a pawn of the American interests. The United States interests are not the same as the EU. 

Also, we have to remember that Jean Monnet, one of the creators of Europe, shared bonds with the CIA. Another article on the subject, in English this one. Which brings me to...

  • Since the fall of the Berlin wall, Europe must rethinks itself. It's even more urgent now
The Brexit could become a great opportunity for the Europeans to say goodbye both to the Europe viewed just as a tool to fight communism, and to the ultraliberal Europe of the City. 

I wish that the City will no longer be the financial heart of the EU. This was a monstrous anomaly, as the English people never adopted the euro currency. 

I also wish that the EU breaks away from the German politic of austerity. Because... 

  • We must avoid the domino effect
Many peoples are not happy with the European Union now. The Dutch, the Portuguese, the Greek, the French come to mind. But one of the great effects of Europe is the peace it provides, which must not be taken has granted. 

If we turn our backs on ultraliberalism, we will be able to build a far better, fairer Europe. The Brexit, for how sad as it may be, must be taken as an opportunity.

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