jeudi 19 mars 2015

Turquoise Water Now on Preorder

Turquoise Water, book two of the Ardalia trilogy, is now on Preorder on Amazon, Kobo and Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and Apple. It will be released on March, 31. 

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Along the Great Rift, in the heart of the volcano Ixal, Valshhyk the Immolated is stirring. The creatures corrupted by his putrid fumes are growing in number daily. Within the fiery walls of Sinista the amberrock swords, axes and lances of an army of outcasts gleam, waiting. The day is drawing near when the ties binding the dark god will collapse. Then, the nylevs will surge forward from the depths of the abyss.
Pelmen, Xuven, Teleg, Elisan-Finella and Lominan, the Messengers of Destiny, have an urgent mission. However, dissent soon rears its ugly head and they go their separate ways. Who among the Children of Aoles or Malia will succeed in warning the world of the danger it faces? When the time comes to confront the servants of the Sacred Fire, will the Breath of Aoles and the power of Turquoise Water be enough to defeat them?

Ardalia is the second book of the Ardalia trilogy, the first one being The Breath of Aoles. 


Now for a short Questions & Answers: 

Q: What an awesome cover! 

R: That was not a question, but self-praise is so good! Thibaut Desio designed the original cover art. His website is here.  

Q: So, March, 31? No more delay?

A: Yes, I apologize for the delay. I want to make sure the book is properly edited. 

Q: What genre is the book? 

A: "Unclassifiable Epic Fantasy". It's a mix of Fantasy and a little bit of Sci-Fi. 

Q: What about the pricing?

A: I've changed my mind about the pricing. The book is priced $0.99 until its release on March, 31, then it will stay at $0.99 for three more days, and then it will be sold at its regular price, $4.99. 

Q: But the first book is at $9.99...

A: Yes, one could think that I intend to sell only Book Two! To tell the truth, I didn't sell so much ebooks of The Breath of Aoles when it was priced at $0.99. It's mainly a "Bookbub tactic": in order for me to make the promotions more attractive, I had to make the price higher. And yes, a promotion is planned in April for The Breath of Aoles. I would be very lucky to make it on Bookbub, though...

Q: Will there be giveaways for Turquoise Water? 

A: Definitely yes. I don't know if the Createspace version will be ready for March, 31, but I'll try my best. 

Q: How would you define your writing experience with Turquoise Water? 

A: The Most Humbling Experience of All my Life. 

Q: Do you make your living with you writing? 

A: Yes, I quitted my dayjob at the end of December, 2014. I primarily make money by handselling my books, which I guess makes me a better sales rep than an author. But I'm very grateful! 

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