mercredi 26 août 2015

How to Help your Editor

For independant authors like us, it is important to help each other, but also to help the person who gives the more help when editing and improving your book: your editor.

It is difficult for an author to pay for editing services: most authors don't sell many books. It is even tougher to find a good editor, and an affordable one.

I have been blessed with both, and when it was time to help Dawn Lewis (it's her name) in getting her editing services noticed, I decided to write a reference letter. Here it is: 

Working with Dawn on my Ardalia trilogy was both a great pleasure and a tremendous help for my books. She is fast, very responsive and was really able to enter into my Fantasy world.

I had been almost "burned" by other editors, and she saved my books. It was the first time I had the feeling of being really listened to. It was a great collaborative process in which we devised the best way to work together.

She has an eye for spotting the spelling mistakes and typos. One thing very important for me is that she didn't denature my work: with another editor, I had the feeling that my book was not so much mine, because of too much rewriting. It was damaging to my self-confidence, constantly questioning my writing style .

With Dawn, it was all to the contrary. With each correction, I had the feeling the book was strengthened . She had a better understanding of my work and what I was trying to achieve than any other editor .
My primary target was the north American market, and she edited the book for this specific target.  
 When her work was finished on the first book, The Breath of Aoles, the book was vetted by the Awesome Indies website, and the reviews became glowing ones.

In one phrase , I couldn't recommend her enough!

Alan Spade
Dawn's website

If you want to check her work on the first of my book, The Breath of Aoles, it is currently free on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Kobo. Give it a try, and see by yourself!  

Link on Awesome Indies

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