samedi 13 août 2016

Ardalia: The Flames of the Immolated (Book Three)

The third and last book of the Ardalia trilogy will be released on August 29, and is on preorder. It was a fantastic experience to write this book. I am glad I received suggestions from my readers, who helped me to make the universe of my book more accessible, and especially glad about the working relationship with my editor, Dawn Lewis. 

The great hunt had begun, and the hevelens were the prey. When would it end, and how? Impossible to predict…

With the malian army defeated, the forces of Destruction are laying siege to the Gate of the Canyons and spreading out over the Windy Steppes. For every child of the wind or the water captured and hurled into the Great Rift, a Nylev, a fire-being, is born. Pelmen, Laneth, Lominan and Elisan-Finella must convince the krongos to join them in their desperate struggle, but only a handful of the mineral creatures remain, and Valshhyk, the Immolated, seems unstoppable…

The Flames of the Immolated is the third and final book of the Ardalia trilogy. It includes a map of Ardalia and a glossary, with a description of the various creatures peculiar to its universe, and suggestions for the pronunciation of some words.

You can pre-order the ebook at $0.99 or £0.99. It will remain at this price for the whole month of September, before going to its normal price of $5.49 for the US or £4.49 for the UK:

My editor wrote a review of the book and even interviewed me! :) You can find her blog post here.

You may also discover The Flames of the Immolated on Goodreads

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